Welcome to the Model Intentions

Welcome to David Thorp Architects website which is synonymous with sustainable housing development and has been closely associated with the burgeoning self-build market.

This site invites you to examine and explore pioneering revolutionary and evolutionary designs for housing in Britain today. Please follow us on facebook.

David Thorp is based in South Birmingham ,The South Midlands and Mid-Wales. David Thorp is a Director of, and part of Britain’s National network of Self-Build architects known as ASBA.

David has produced many self -build housing types and he has delivered seminars at National Exhibitions as well as appearing on local television programs demonstrating the conversion of a landmark factory into apartments. Previous events have taken place at the Wembley Homebuilding and Renovating shows and Excel in Canary Wharf.

Feasibility Design

David Thorp will assist you with your building program in order to complete legislative processes to bring about an effective and workable building construction project. He is a specialist in house design skills such as structural calculations. To show broader fields of exploration David and his team both recently designed and built partitions at Turves Green Technology College using flexi-ply finishes include water-based silk varnish and natural earth pigment stained finishes.

Detailed Design

David Thorp will make use of over 13 years of practice skills and computer programming to bring about a successful construction project. Two members of staff have a wealth of experience and can advise upon the smallest of details which may be the most significant of features For example: how large connecting bolts need to be in steelwork. All of the designs and advice follow a pattern in terms of sustainability, wherever possible thin sections of renewable timber are used. Timber is used for locks and hinge pivots which characterise our aspirations.